The solid approach to trenching.

The Plastibeton® Channel System is utilized by power, utility, railroad and transit companies throughout North America to contain, protect and allow easy access to power, control, signal, communication, and fiber optic cables. Made of a unique, patented High-Density Polymer Concrete, the cable trench system offers flexibility and strength, as well as exceptional resistance to freeze/thaw conditions.

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Spec Sheets

Plastibeton® 68Trench, Polymer Concrete6" W x 8" D
Plastibeton® 128Trench, Polymer Concrete12" W x 8" D
Plastibeton® 1216Trench, Polymer Concrete12" W x 16" D
Plastibeton® 2012Trench, Polymer Concrete20" W x 12" D
Plastibeton® 2016Trench, Polymer Concrete20" W x 16" D
Plastibeton® 3012Trench, Polymer Concrete30" W x 12" D
Plastibeton® 3016Trench, Polymer Concrete30" W x 16" D
Plastibeton® 4016Trench, Polymer Concrete40" W x 16" D