Oldcastle Polymer

Durability delivered through innovation.

Oldcastle Polymer concrete enclosures deliver strength and durability like traditional concrete, but at a fraction of the weight. The Oldcastle Polymer brand offers a broad range of sizes and configurations to meet your needs. These enclosures provide medium to heavy duty solutions for vaults, splice boxes and meter boxes ideal for any industry – municipal water, telecommunications, and other commercial and industrial applications.

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Spec Sheets

Oldcastle Polymer 910Round Enclosure, Polymer Concrete9" Dia
Oldcastle Polymer 0039Round Enclosure, Polymer Concrete39" Dia
Oldcastle Polymer 1118Rectangular Enclosure, Polymer Concrete11" x 18"
Oldcastle Polymer 1212Square Enclosure, Polymer Concrete12" x 12"
Oldcastle Polymer 1324Rectangular Enclosure, Polymer Concrete13" x 24"
Oldcastle Polymer 1730Rectangular Enclosure, Polymer Concrete17" x 30"
Oldcastle Polymer 2424Square Enclosure, Polymer Concrete24" x 24"
Oldcastle Polymer 2436Rectangular Enclosure, Polymer Concrete24" x 36"
Oldcastle Polymer 3636Square Enclosure, Polymer Concrete36" x 36"
Oldcastle Polymer 3048Rectangular Enclosure, Polymer Concrete30" x 48"
Oldcastle Polymer 3060Rectangular Enclosure, Polymer Concrete30" x 60"
Oldcastle Polymer 4848Square Enclosure, Polymer Concrete48" x 48"