Strong and easy to handle.

Fibrelyte® manufactured from an exclusive composite formulation of polyester resin, fiberglass and calcium carbonate yields lightweight, high strength enclosures. This proprietary composite material is stronger, easier to handle and much lighter than concrete, saving both time and money during installation, service work and transportation.

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Spec Sheets

Fibrelyte® FL08Round Enclosure, Composite8" Dia
Fibrelyte® FL09Rectangular Enclosure, Composite
10" x 15"
Fibrelyte® FL09 CoverRectangular Cover, Composite10" x 15"
Fibrelyte® FL12Rectangular Enclosure, Composite
12" x 20"
Fibrelyte® FL12 CoverRectangular Cover, Composite12" x 20"
Fibrelyte® FL1416 CoverSquare Cover, Composite14" x 16"
Fibrelyte® FL30Rectangular Enclosure, Flared Wall, Composite13" x 24"
Fibrelyte® FL30 CoverRectangular Cover, Composite13" x 24"
Fibrelyte® FL1527 CoverRectangular Cover, Composite15" x 27"
Fibrelyte® FL36Rectangular Enclosure, Flared Wall, Composite17" x 30"
Fibrelyte® FL36 CoverRectangular Cover, Composite17" x 30"