Surprisingly light. Exceptionally strong.

The performance you need – the ease of installation you love. The Duralite™ family of enclosure deliver unexpected Tier 15 load rating performance in the lightweight enclosure category. Engineered to withstand heavy loads, Duralite™ intelligently blends composite materials to provide durable, accessible security to our necessary infrastructure.

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Spec Sheets

Duralite™ 1015Rectangular Enclosure, Plastic Composite10" x 15"
Duralite™ 1015MAXRectangular Enclosure, Plastic Composite10" x 15"
Duralite™ 1118Rectangular Enclosure, Plastic Composite11" x 18"
Duralite™ 1324Rectangular Enclosure, Plastic Composite13" x 24"
Duralite™ 1730Rectangular Enclosure, Plastic Composite17" x 30"
Duralite™ 2436MAXRectangular Enclosure, Plastic Composite24" x 36"