Residential Irrigation

Dependable, Durable, and Concealed.

Home owners have a never-ending list of maintenance concerns from season to season. Worrying about valve boxes should never cross their minds. A broken valve box is not just an unsightly distraction from a home’s curb appeal; it also creates a safety hazard for children and pets playing outside. Oldcastle Enclosure Solutions delivers dependable durability to protect, conceal, and access residential irrigation system components.

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Spec Sheets

Carson® TrussT 510Round Enclosure5" Dia
Carson® TrussT 708Round Enclosure6" Dia
Carson® TrussT 011Round Enclosure10" Dia
Carson® TrussT 1012Rectangular Enclosure10" x 12"
Carson® TrussT 1015Rectangular Enclosure10" x 15"
Carson® TrussT 012Rectangular Enclosure15" x 20"