Covers and Lids

Variety of Sizes, Materials, and Markings.

Oldcastle Enclosures offers covers in concrete, polymer concrete, plastic, cast iron, steel, and composite materials.  All covers have the capability of different markings. For our synertech and H-series product lines we offer marking plate system covers to help reduce lead times on special engraved markings. Our covers range from pedestrian rated to traffic rated.

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Spec Sheets

Fibrelyte® FL09 CoverRectangular Cover, Composite10" x 15"
Fibrelyte® FL12 CoverRectangular Cover, Composite12" x 20"
Fibrelyte® FL1416 CoverSquare Cover, Composite14" x 16"
Fibrelyte® FL30 CoverRectangular Cover, Composite13" x 24"
Fibrelyte® FL1527 CoverRectangular Cover, Composite15" x 27"