Cable Trench

Safe Handling Weight.

Our Plastibeton and Duo Trench are the perfect alternative to duct bank, cable tray, or direct buried applications. Our cable trench provides containment, protection, and immediate access to cables.

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Spec Sheets

ModuTrench 2016Fiber-Reinforced, Modular, Concrete Cable Trench20" W
ModuTrench 3016Fiber-Reinforced, Modular, Concrete Cable Trench30" W
ModuTrench 4016Fiber-Reinforced, Modular, Concrete Cable Trench40" W
Duo Trench™ 2016Trench, Polymer Concrete and Composite20" W, 16" D
Duo Trench™ 4016Trench, Polymer Concrete and Composite40" W x 16" D
Oldcastle FRP 1324 FlaredRectangular Enclosure, Flared Wall, Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer 13" x 24"
Plastibeton® 68Trench, Polymer Concrete6" W x 8" D
Plastibeton® 128Trench, Polymer Concrete12" W x 8" D
Plastibeton® 1216Trench, Polymer Concrete12" W x 16" D
Plastibeton® 2012Trench, Polymer Concrete20" W x 12" D
Plastibeton® 2016Trench, Polymer Concrete20" W x 16" D
Plastibeton® 3012Trench, Polymer Concrete30" W x 12" D
Plastibeton® 3016Trench, Polymer Concrete30" W x 16" D
Plastibeton® 4016Trench, Polymer Concrete40" W x 16" D